What is the Joshua Projekt?

The Joshua Projekt desires to give the opportunity for personal, spiritual, and ministerial growth to those who feel called to ministry and are in college or finishing their education or starting a career; either professionally or in ministry. This project will provide them with a chance to receive biblical instruction, practical ministry experience, and life training that will propel them into their futures. In a culture where there is a need for godly men and women, this internship program will not only equip the individual for ministry, but equip the individual for a life lived to glorify Jesus Christ, no matter where God leads them.
In the Old Testament there was a man known for his leadership on both the physical and spiritual battlefield. He led his people to great victories in the name of their God. He shepherded and guided his people in all the ways of their God, careful not to detour or distract them from what God wanted from them. This man’s name was Joshua.
But before this man was a leader, before he was a shepherd, before he was a world-changer, Joshua was an intern. He was an intern to one of the greatest spiritual giants in history, Moses. It was under Moses that Joshua was developed. Where he learned what it meant to lead, what it meant to obey God, and what it meant to walk with God. It was a priceless experience that he had, and with the grace and help of God, he grew into the leader that was deployed by God to lead the nation of Israel into the Promised Land.
It was from this position of leadership that Joshua changed the face of history. By being developed by Moses and deployed by God, he went on to be one of the greatest leaders this world has seen. We want the same for our interns.

The Director of the Internship

  • Nate Wagner

    Nate has lived  in the Santa Barbara area for 21 years. He graduated from UCSB in 2001 with his Bachelor of Arts in Religious studies, and has been on staff at Calvary since 1998. Nate has served in the Kids…

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